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Gas Cooker Repairs Runcorn

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GAS Cooker Repairs Runcorn

Gas Cooker Repairs

Whatever is wrong with your gas cooker, we are sure our engineer, Steve, will be able to help!  Tell us your problems and we will fix them for you!


Most Leading Brands

We can fix and repair almost any type of Gas Cooker.  Just tell us what type of gas cooker you have and we shall repair it for you.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers at North West Cooker Repairs

Gas Safe Registered

For your safety you should only ever use a GAS SAFE registered engineer.  Steve, our gas cooker repairs engineer is Gas Safe Qualified (113653)


Why Choose North West GAS Cooker Repairs Runcorn

GAS COOKER REPAIRS RUNCORN – Having problems with your Gas Cooker?  North West Cooker Repairs Runcorn are here to help.

If your looking to have your gas cooker repaired, then why not call North West Cooker Repairs. We are Gas Safe registered and repair any gas cooker.  If you need your cooker repaired and you live in Runcorn, we will not charge you for a call out when we are coming to carry out repairs.  This gives you piece of mind that you know the price of the gas cooker repair and can be assured of the work we do is both affordable and of the standard required.

We provide gas cooker repairs in Runcorn for most makes of cooker including…

Cannon Gas Cooker |  Whirlpool Gas Cooker | Beko Gas Cooker | Gorenje Gas Cooker | Hotpoint Gas Cooker | Zanussi Gas Cooker | Belling Gas Cooker New world Gas Cooker |

You will find that our gas cooker repair charges are very competitive in all areas across Runcorn and Halton area

To discuss the problem with your gas cooker please give Steve a call on 0800 294 0152 or 07734 934258 and we will arrange a convenient time to visit and provide you with an estimate to repair your gas cooker.

Call us on 0800 294 0152 or 07734 934258

Our Gas Safe Engineers provide Gas cooker Repairs Runcorn for all the leading gas cooker manufacturers

Testimonials – See what our customers in Runcorn have said about us!


Angela Purnell (Runcorn) – My cooker broke the other day and I was left without a cooking appliance in my home. Obviously I needed to get this sorted, but I couldn’t afford a brand new cooker. My colleague gave me North West Cooker Repair’s number and I gave them a call. They fixed my cooker on the same day that I rang them, not giving me any hassle and they even cleaned up after themselves, leaving no trace that any work had been done in my kitchen. I would recommend this company to anybody who is having cooker problems and they can’t afford a new one.

Sandra Davies (Runcorn) – I recently moved into a fully furnished flat. But the cooker broke within the first month of me moving in there. Obviously I had to get it fixed as it was the landlord’s cooker. I gave North West Cooker Repairs a call and they sorted it all out for me, they even told me that I can send the bill to my landlord to get refunded (as it was their terms that they need to replace anything that was there before I was). I would recommend these guys to anyone, not only because they helped fix my cooker, but they gave me the friendly advice to claim my money back from my landlord (I bet he wasn’t as happy as I am though).

Stuart Bushman (Runcorn) – I recently moved in with my girlfriend and despite me telling her that my cooker/oven was a lot better than the one she was using (as I’m a bit of a chef) she wouldn’t throw hers away to make room for mine. Within a week of us living together, her cooker broke, because I had sold my one we were ‘cookerless’. I gave North West Cooker Repairs a call and they sorted it out for me within the week and everything was working again! Both I and my girlfriend would recommend this company to anybody having problems with their cooker.

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