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Gas Cooker Repairs Cheshire

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GAS Cooker Repairs Cheshire

Why Choose North West GAS Cooker Repairs Cheshire

Don’t by a new cooker until you have spoken to Steve at North West Cooker Repairs.

With many years experience with fixing and repairing gas cookers, We are able to repair most makes and models of cooker.   Just see what our customers across Cheshire think of us.

Steve Simms, Stockton Heath, Cheshire. Steve had his new cooker for less than 2 years but the company said he would need to get it replaced of pay nearly £200 to have it fixed as it only had a 12 month warranty…see what they have to say…”We had the cooker looked at by the company engineer who said including parts and labour it would cost just short of £200 to fix.  We found this massively unreasonable as it was not long out of warranty.  So we decided to get a 2nd opinion.  So glad we did because for just £80 including call out Steve had it working in less than 2 hours.  Were so pleased we rang him.

Call us on 0800 294 0152 or 07734 934258

Our Gas Safe Engineers provide Gas cooker Repairs Cheshire for all the leading gas cooker manufacturers

Testimonials – See what our customers in Cheshire have said about us!


Mrs Andrews (Cheshire) – My cooker conked out the other night and I’ve been living of take-aways since then. Obviously I can’t do that for the rest of my life and I don’t want to buy a new cooker (only just got this one, but didn’t get the extended warranty). So I gave North West Cooker Repairs a ring and within an hour of them working on it, it was fixed. No hassle, mess and these guys know what they’re doing, they’re friendly too! I would recommend these guys to anybody!


Mr Purnell (Cheshire) – I had owned my cooker for over 20 years! It finally broke the other day, but they certainly don’t make them like they used to, so I didn’t want to buy a new one. I heard about North West Cooker Repairs from my neighbour who had, had some work done on his cooker a few months back. I gave them a ring and they seemed friendly and helpful enough over the phone. They arrived at my home and it was like they left instantly. I was cautious at first, thinking they may of done a shoddy job of fixing it. But there was no mess and my cooker is working brilliantly again! I’d recommend these guys to anybody having cooker issues.


Mr Pownall (Cheshire) – I was given a cooker from my friend as I have just recently moved out of my parent’s home and it just stopped working all of a sudden, obviously because I’m just starting to get my home up and running, I can’t afford to buy a new cooker. I found North West Cooker Repairs’ number from the internet and gave them a call. They told me that the fault from my description is easily fixed and they’ll send somebody around within the next few days to fix it. A few hours later somebody turned up from North West Cooker Repairs and fixed the issue with my cooker almost instantly. They even cleaned up after themselves too!

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